Is Internet TV replacing Cable TV?


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Has the recession really hit that hard that people are cancelling cable and relying on internet tv? Or is technology simply moving at the speed of light for this to be available for us? Or both?

After further research, devices such as AppleTV, GoogleTV, Amazon Prime and Xbox360 and etc are not replacements for cable TV since they are not live. However, these can be used as another option and “as a way to augment regular TV viewing and not as a sold provider of video content; they fall short of emulating the cable TV experience” (Warren, 2011). Before considering completely switching, “do a careful evaluation of media consumption habits and assess whether or not you can get comparable experience solely from the web” (Prindle, 2012). Online streaming services have free trials for one to be able to test out first before deciding to completely switch; companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu Plus and many others have free trials available to take advantage of. Consumers should also consider the costs to completely making the switch. It may be cheaper to keep current bundles that companies are offering, than to let go of cable services and only keep internet services. One can also go with the most basic cable package but keep the high speed internet option (Prindle, 2012). People may sometimes be under the impression that completely letting go of cable TV is a lot cheaper, but that’s not the case….for now at least. Companies are keeping the bundling option to save consumers money and at the same time, streaming devices are cheap, not free. “Hulu and Netflix are $7.99 a month and Amazon Prime is $79 a year, or $6.59 a month” (Prindle, 2012). “Hulu will get you current season TV shows on delay while Netflix instant streaming will get older season’s episodes” (Wang, 2011).

These devices are supplementary to cable TV and is not taking over; even cable companies are now offering similar services on these connected devices like Telus, Bell or even Verizon. They should “extend and enhance viewing options, not replace existing methods; rather than competing against offerings from Amazon, Netflix and iTunes, cable companies should leverage their strengths and make content more accessible on computers, smartphones and tablets” (Warren, 2011). This option is more applicable to people that only watch TV occasionally and people that are always on the go; however, “without television and cable services watching sporting events (for sports fanatics, at least) would be very difficult unless one is technically savvy or be willing to go to a local bar” (Wang, 2011). Technology and the digital world is advancing so fast that there is no doubt Internet TV could be another option in the future.

What are your thoughts? Would you be able to live off just streaming/Internet TV?


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