Online Audit for Lululemon


I chose this post specifically on the online audit assignment that I did for Lululemon. It is really interesting to learn so much about a company and how well they are recognized online; this gave me an opportunity to explore other online sites that help measure a company’s online presence and show how companies are expanding online in today’s information age. Having an online presence and building online communities for companies are really important in this day and age since many aspects of business and word of mouth advertising are transitioning online.

I will briefly describe my findings on Lululemon, one of my favourite brands to wear for casual outings, working out and doing yoga. I will talk about their online presence and the different practices they have on the web.

Aside from their website, they are a part of different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, Google+, Technorati and Klout with a Klout rating of 73. These social media sites are frequently maintained and they are used as a way to communicate with consumers and a way to advertise trends, new merchandise and different events. Here are a few examples of their presence on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Technorati:

Facebook: they currently have many Facebook pages for different areas and topics. The main Facebook page has over 700,000 likes and over 30,000 people talking about them. They currently advertise new products that come in for the season as well as respond to comments and provide feedback for consumers.

Twitter: they currently have over 300,000 followers and their account is well maintained and updated. They use this platform as a way to lead users to many other platforms they utilize such as YouTube and the Lululemon Community blog. They also post a lot of positive and motivational quotes, especially on living a more healthy and active lifestyle. It is a great way for their users to see what the company and brand is all about and what they represent.

Technorati: this platform will lead users to the latest news about the company. An example of this was when  Lululemon was suing Clavin Klein for coming out with a very similar pant to Lululemon’s signature Astro pant. Here is a picture of how similar the 2 pants looked side by side:


(L: Lululemon, R: Calvin Klein)

The mood that online users and consumers have on the brand is a very positive one. Both the company and the users respond very well to the many activities online that happen. Lululemon is able to market the overall brand and products while communicating, interacting and building these relationships with their consumers and users. However, there are people who do not have full knowledge of the company and yoga practices, and to them Lululemon appears to be “cult-like” with extremely high price points, with pants costing up to $100. Even with this, the majority of their main presence is positive since people really do value the products and the high quality that Lululemon provides. Lululemon does a really good job addressing and overcoming challenges they face online and offline; they are a growing company with a strong competitive advantage in the industry and always willing to participate in the different economic changes and trends.


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