“There’s an app for that!”

From social networking, to playing games, to converting currencies, to checking the stock market, to checking the weather, to online banking, there is definitely an app for that!

It’s the information age and we are in the midst of yet another recession. However, the times when the economy is down is the perfect time to start a business and really strategize on marketing efforts to continually attract consumers. Since Apple came out with the iPhone and and the App Store, the mobile application and mobile marketing industry started to boom. Companies know that consumers are continually getting more busy and they are looking for more convenience in living their daily life. The mobile application industry has definitely come to the rescue! Consumers with a smart phone have access to millions of applications available to them for every area of their life! With millions of applications available, companies are slowly starting to take advantage of the number of users that are using applications and they are advertising on ones that are related to their company and industry.

“Mobile applications made the number-two spot on Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2012. This year has been a virtual app-a-palooza with applications that promise to do everything but tie our shoelaces and pour our breakfast cereal in the morning” (McKay, 2012). In order to be successful, companies need to address needs of consumers and understand the best way to meet them (McKay, 2012). Applications have definitely improved different practices, especially in business; presentations have been more creative and can now be presented through a tablet and and can use different applications to compile and present material needed, as an example. This industry just keeps increasing exponentially that applications are not just available on mobile phones, but on iPods and tablets as well; because of this, companies will need to create competitive advantage to participate in a growing industry. “The consumer market is a tougher, more fickle market than the B2B market. A consumer-targeted app that makes life better or easier will hold up, but an app that is merely entertaining — unless it’s extremely entertaining — may get deleted almost as quickly as it’s downloaded onto a person’s tablet or smartphone” (McKay, 2012).

A particular application that really caught my attention was the square app. This makes starting up a business a lot more convenient and easy to do. The square app allows businesses to use their mobile devices as a point of sales system where they would swipe credit/debit cards on an attached piece to the device. Here is an article if Starbucks looking to partner up with square.

square app


In addition, I found an article from Forbes that also talk about the 3 growing trends in the market: mobile, social and cloud. It talks about how these are are used to keep people and businesses connected and how being connected in the 21st century is a lot different as well as more convenient. The link to this is available here.


Lopez, Maribel. (2012). Three trends that change business: Mobile, Social and Cloud. Retrieved December 4, 2012, from http://www.forbes.com/sites/maribellopez/2012/01/28/three-trends-that-change-business-mobile-social-and-cloud/

McBride, Sarah and Shih, Gerry. (2012). Starbucks partners with startup Square to offer mobile payments. Retrieved December 4, 2012, from http://business.financialpost.com/2012/08/08/starbucks-partners-with-startup-square-to-offer-mobile-payments/

McKay, Matt. (2012). Staying ahead of mobile application technology trends. Retrieved December 3, 2012, from http://sandhill.com/article/staying-ahead-of-mobile-application-technology-trends/



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