E-Portfolio for MRKT 4160 (Business Development)

The Business Development class is a different and unique class that enables students to enhance personal skills and acquire new ones to be successful in their future careers. This class analyzes and explores different principles of B2B and B2C selling in very competitive industries. In addition, important aspects of account management, communications, negotiations and global/cultural influences and etiquettes were also explored. To ensure that objectives are met and certain skills are acquired, the class and myself were given a chance to do a variety of hands-on assignments with real-life situations. These assignments also gave us the opportunity to work individually and in teams.

The first team assignment was to find a company to conduct and present to the class a Key Account Interview regarding account management, specifically the main skill sets the company as and how they assess and prioritize opportunities. Individual assignments consisted of the Manufacturer’s Agent Agreement, a self-portrait, analyzing a real-life Request For Proposal (RFP) and to present a challenging yet insightful major key account plan for a real company; in my case, I chose to work with MMM Group, an engineering consulting company.

The last major team project was the “Global Cultural and Business Etiquette” role-play and presentation. This is my favourite project from the course and it was the most diverse, fun and informative presentation experience I have done at Kwantlen. This project allowed me to stretch my comfort zone and really get first-hand experience on different cultural etiquettes, how each culture negotiates, uses techniques and does business. The role-play enabled the whole team to really take on the given role of Russians as a supplier in terms of their mannerisms, values and dress code. This project gave me a lot of knowledge in dealing with different types of people and cultures for business, especially in order to acquire and win over large accounts. This project helped enhance the following skills:

  • Interpersonal/teamwork skills – challenges the team to deal with each other’s strengths and hectic schedules
  • Creative thinking skills – allows the team to think outside the box in determining proper strategies
  • Leadership skills – allows each member of the team to take on leadership responsibilities
  • Intercultural skills – gives each member insight and knowledge on different cultural values and how each culture negotiates and does business.

All the other projects and assignments in the course definitely helped in acquiring the above mentioned skill as well as oral skills, writing skills, technological, researching skills and time management skills.



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